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Published on Saturday, 01 January 2011 00:00
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Welcome to Whispering Wings Gliding Club.

WhisperingWings Gliding Club is based at Parys and is one of the older soaring sites. The reasons are varied, but include excellent thermal conditions, scenic location with the Vredefort Dome formation and the Vaal river providing aesthetics, and lots of open airspace and big farms to land in if you don't make it home. Many record flights were made from Parys, though none recently. The competitive pilots have largely congregated at Magalies Gliding Club, and at Potchefstroom.

Gliders share Parys Airfield (FAPY) in the Freestate, with an active flying club, parachutists, aerobatics pilots and the pylon racing community. Parys airfield is about 4km on the N1 side of town.

The soaring community varies from the multi million rand racing exotics that vie for record cross country flights, to the simple pleasures of Parys. Most of our gliders are lower performance, with the accent on fun flying and low cost. Parys is the place to go for straightforward soaring. Cross country etc. is not practised that much, mainly because our gliders are less well suited to it. A trip to Vredefort 17 km away is quite an adventure at 26:1 in a glider that takes half the club to rig...

Visitors are very welcome at WWGC. An intro flight is just R200 for daily membership  the launch and a duration of 10 minutes. Longer flight than 10 minutes costs additional R2.00 per minute

WWGC operates every weekend, weather and scheduled airfield activity permitting. It pays to check just before the weekend.
Best time of year to soar in Gauteng? - Pretty much year round. We are blessed with outstanding weather, but if we have to chose the best time of year for soaring it is probably late spring, and early autumn. the middle of summer can get too rainy and the formation of significant thunderstorms can lead to flying becoming unsafe. In winter the thermals are active for a short period only, so cross country flying becomes curtailed. If you want an intro flight, winter is often a good time. There is lower demand on the gliders, and while flights tend to be shorter, they are also less turbulent.

From a safety perspective, please make yourself known to one of the instructors when you arrive. We do not permit any alcoholic drink at WWGC - there is a clubhouse on the property where folk can repair to after flying. If you do bring along family, especially kids, please make sure they have sunblock, and hats - we have one little patch of shade cloth and sunburn is inevitable if you do not have protection. Please bring along some water or other non-alcoholic drinks to keep hydrated.

Lets go gliding!