Foreign Visitors

Whether you are an experienced or beginner pilot, we welcome foreign visitors. Some come for the outstanding conditions and open airspace, some to fly in our vintage trainers. Some just drop in because they see an airfield. Whatever the reason - there is something we can do for you.

If you just want to fly as P2 - we can accommodate you as a daily member, no paperwork beyond the standard visitor membership and indemnity form.

Pilots wanting to visit longer and especially those wanting to fly solo need to comply with the Foreign Pilot Validation process. This is not excessively onerous. You will need your country of origin license, a class 4 or better medical certificate, proof of English competency if you are not a native english speaker, and your log book. Depending on your license it may be neccessary to take an airlaw examination. The fees are higher, including a short term SSSA membership, Aeroclub of SA membership and a regulatory license fee for the Recreational Aviation Authority SA.

An ICAO validation certificate will be issued for the duration of your visit, up to the expiry date of your foreign license.

Frequent or repeat visitors will find it cheaper and more convenient to convert to a South African License.